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Language trip to Broadstairs-Great Britain



Our trip to England.

This trip has been a very good experience, considering that we have been speaking English all the time with English people.In the mornings, we learnt English in a language school, Language UK, which is in Broadstairs, the town where we stayed in host families.
The most amazing moment was when we visited London, because it is a city that I have always wanted to visit and it was fantastic. One of the best moment was when we visited the Chatham House Pupils, because we could meet new English students of our age. They were vey friendly. We also played games there with the students and we went with them to the Street Dance workshop. We visited Canterbury, a city in the southeast of England. We visited the Cathedral, and we did also some shopping.We went to Ramsgate, a town famous for his tunnels. IMG_1717This trip has been the best one because we have travelled abroad, and we have been able to improve the language. Also, I have had the opportunity to meet my school friends better.
María Belenger González-4ºESO


I recomend everyone to do this trip because you will enjoy a lot. Sergio Prieto-1º Bach

I decided to do it because I wanted to live a new experience and because I wanted to know more about England and its culture, but I couldn´t imagine what I was going to live. I have had an amazing experience. Lorena Sánchez 4ºESO




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